"Perhaps the most precious gift you give our children is the kind and nurturing way you interact with them every day." - A Parent
Robert & Janet H.

"For teaching children to play, learn, believe, laugh, grow, imagine, and thrive, we thank you.


Our girls have made such wonderful friends in your care. They love to dance and sing. They love the dress up clothes (Christina loves the scarves!). They have loved to explore colors, shapes, letters and numbers. They have had wonderful outings to the library, the fire station and to the pumpkin patch! Christina and Lila have enjoyed learning about the global world around them. Christina is more than well prepared for the Kindergarten. They appreciate the wonderful meals and snacks you create for them. Perhaps the most precious gift you give our children is the kind and nurturing way you interact with them every day.


We appreciate all that you do. Thank you!"

A Parent

"Day in and day out, Ms Hena and Uncle open their home, their hearts, and our children's minds. This is so much more than a day care for working parents. From the first day we walked in, we felt this was the place for our children to grow. We stood outside the front door, and could hear the children inside playing and laughing. Our daughter's face lit up.

She wanted in, and hasn't wanted to leave since.


The teachers are Aegis Preschool have a fundamental understanding of what it takes to reach a child. They are patient and fun, and really take the time to research curriculum. Their approach is engaging. The projects and art that happen at school segue into great conversation at home. They invest their hearts in these children, and the children respond to that."

Anne S.

"My two children have attended Aegis since 2012. I couldn't say enough positive about Aegis Preschool. The structured, nurturing environment my kids enjoy everyday has helped them grow to be kind, loving and fully prepared them both for kindergarten. Aegis offers a clean, safe in-home care that the children respond to. I am delighted that Ms Hena and Aegis will forever be a part of my children's (and our family's!) story. I would highly recommend this Preschool if you are looking for the highest of care for your child."